Presentations that matter.

Traditional slides can do the trick. But they won’t help you win – Slidebid will. We’re the agency that helps you unlock opportunities through methodical design and well-crafted stories.

What do we offer?
Presentations tailored to your specific needs.

Corporate Pursuits & Proposals

Every detail has a pivotal role for you. We’ll drive your engagement approach and help you articulate your winning narrative through a worry free delivery.

Modular template systems

We’re all looking for templates on every occasion. However, reusable slides often look generic, even outdated. Your team needs a smarter set of templates that fits their work style and can help them scale easier.

Presentation development

Whether you are looking for an investment, approaching a potential client or have a decisive boardroom meeting, we are ready to cover all the details that resonate with your audience and ignite action.

Trainings & Workshops

We love it when our clients have “Aha” moments when we bring design thinking into the room. Get to the very refined version of your client’s insights and uncover the value propositions that matter so your delivery can shine.

What recommends us?
We’re proud of our collective delivery experience.



+20 MIL



Unique slides

What makes us unique?
Our principle-driven and methodical approach.

Partners with perspective, not an agency

We are a team of professionals with varied backgrounds that work holistically to bring a cohesive presentation to life. 

Connecting you to your audience

We never skip Empathy – so that we help you make content and design choices that matter for your audience.

A story your audience will remember

We help you crystalize your messaging formula to tell a persuasive story that your audience can resonate with. We bring focus on your strengths while layering it with powerful visual design.  

Intentional results with a seamless approach

Our designers and writers work in sync so that your presentation choices don’t look generic, but intentional.

Working on a brief that matters

We validate your real needs early on so that you can feel confident about the final result before the final delivery.

Art, but also science

We might be creatives at heart, but we educated ourselves on psychology science – we are sensitive to the laws of perception and use them as fundamental building blocks in our practice.

Should you work with us?
Yes, especially if you identify with:

The Equity Partner

engaged in closing a big deal. 

The Consultant

preparing a three-year project case.

The Sales Director

communicating that crisp value proposition.

The Executive Trainer

looking to land that “aha” moment.

The Event Hero

wanting to highlight the perfect agenda.

The Product Manager

showcasing the new product strategy.

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